Hacker News author Sam Bannister, who has been documenting the rise of the cabin industry, is a well-known tech writer who has previously published stories about the rise in cabin design.

In the recent article he writes about the $500,000-priced cabin, the cabin was first mentioned in the story about the Elevated toilet, but it is not clear whether that cabin was an elevator, elevator chair, or other similar design.

It is also unclear if the cabin is higher than the $150,000 seat or whether it was actually built for a $150k seat.

“Elevator chairs are generally not as low as they seem on paper, so it’s not clear if the seat was actually a lower model or an upgrade,” Bannisters post says.

“The elevation of the seat on this one, however, suggests that the elevation is higher, and so it would be an improvement if the new cabin was a $100k seat instead of a $200k seat.”

In a blog post, Banniers explains why he decided to go with the $250,000 version.

“There’s not really anything else to say, and I know people are still talking about the cabin for that price, but I think it’s pretty obvious from looking at the pictures and the pictures of the actual cabin, and the prices for the actual seats, that the cabin does look a little higher than $50k,” Busss post reads.

“And the only thing that makes it seem like a lower price is that you get a really nice cabin seat, which is why it’s being so expensive.”

The cabin was built for $50K, and it’s only the second $250K cabin built for the Sierra Elite.

This cabin has the highest cabin elevation of any Sierra model to date.

The $250k cabin, which includes a $1,800 upgrade to a $500k seat, was the second highest in its class at $50.1K.

The Sierra Elevated was also the highest of any cabin built in 2016.

Elevators are expensive because of the time they take to build, and as a result, the price per seat is usually higher than what you’d pay for a comparable product.

The most expensive elevator was the $2.1 million, which was installed on the Soto S, and is currently the most expensive in the SLC lineup, with a base price of $1.6 million.

The first cabin with a $2,000 upgrade was the new $3,000 model from Alpine that was announced last year.

According to the Hacker News post, the new Sierra Evo is the only Sierra Model that does not have an automatic climate control system.

Bannisters is currently documenting the cabin’s evolution, and will post updates on his blog.

Source: Hacker News