As more consumers find that their credit cards are over-priced, a number of credit unions are offering lower rates on higher-priced credit cards, and some credit unions offer up to a 15 percent credit card APR discount.

But which credit union is offering the highest rate?

Credit Suisse analyst Robert J. Schulz says the answer depends on the type of credit card you are using, which will affect your overall credit score.

“Credit card issuers generally use an average of three factors to determine credit score: APR, interest rate, and balance,” Schulz said.

“An APR that is at least 3.5 percentage points higher than the lowest-rate card in the same category, for example, is considered an average APR.”

Schulz says credit unions have historically been one of the most attractive issuers for high-earning borrowers, so you might see some of these credit unions with higher APR’s in the future.

But you can also find higher-rate credit cards on the secondary market, where they are available at a lower rate.

“You can look at it as a general guideline and you can look for the highest-rated cards, where there’s typically higher interest rates on the credit cards and credit unions tend to offer a higher APR,” Schultz said.

Schulz also points out that credit unions typically have lower average interest rates than some other major lenders, so the lower interest rate isn’t necessarily a disadvantage to high-paying borrowers.

“The interest rate you’re paying is less than the average of the major lenders,” Schutz said.

“It might be the same, it might be lower than the typical interest rates you would pay on a conventional loan, but it might also be slightly higher.”

Schultz also said credit unions generally offer more low-cost options than other lenders.

“They offer a number lower-cost cards, they generally have lower-priced offerings than the national banks, and they generally offer a range of different types of credit cards,” he said.

While you can still choose the best credit card for you, you can’t choose the one that offers the best rate.