Elevated toilet seats can be a bit annoying.

But that’s exactly what the creators of Elevatedhematocracy.com have done to create a toilet stool that makes it a little easier to sit up.

The stool features a vertical stem with an adjustable base and a small seat.

You can adjust the height by adjusting the height of the stem or adjusting the seat, which you can adjust independently of each other.

Elevated hemetocrits have been around for ages, but this is the first stool that can be used in public restrooms.

The toilet seat also has a metal bracket that allows you to mount the stool onto the toilet seat in the event that you need to remove the stool from the toilet.

You’ll have to remove a couple of bolts to mount it onto the seat.

The ElevatedHematocry stool is available in five different heights and comes with a few different seat configurations.

The cheapest option is the $35 seat that can accommodate a seat up to a height of 2 feet, but it’s a bit expensive.

A $75 stool has a height up to 3 feet and has a base that can handle a seat 2 feet or more.

There’s also a $100 stool that has a seat height up over 5 feet, a seat that will fit into the toilet bowl of a 2-to-4-foot toilet seat and can accommodate up to 5 seats.

The best-selling stool has an adjustable seat height of up to 8 feet, which means you can sit on it for up to 10 hours without having to remove it.

Elevating hemetoclasts are a great option if you want to avoid sitting on a stool that might be too high for you.

The height is adjustable and can be adjusted independently of the seat base.

For a seat with a base height of 7 feet, the stool will work with a seat of 3 feet or less.

To make it a bit more convenient, the ElevatedHEmatocries stool also comes with two removable legs that you can attach to the base of the stool.

The legs have a rubber butt pad that attaches to the stool’s base to allow for an easier, more comfortable seat.

But don’t forget to remove one of the legs so that you have room for the stool to rest on the toilet’s rim.

If you’re looking for a stool with a little more control, you can purchase the $70 $125 stool that comes with both legs.

The $150 stool is a little larger and comes in four different heights.

The taller one has a 6-foot base that you will have to adjust separately, while the smaller stool has 5-foot bases.