The Arizona Elevation Certificate is issued for every ski or snowboarder who lifts more than three hundred pounds (200 kilograms).

The certificates are based on the elevation and the person’s height.

The certificates can be used to verify an athlete’s weight.

If the athlete has been diagnosed with a heart condition, there is a risk of losing altitude.

A person who is in a coma or is experiencing symptoms such as loss of consciousness can also lose altitude.

The certificate allows for up to three days of altitude loss during a season.

The maximum loss of altitude for an individual athlete is three days.

The Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) require that the person must wear an oxygen mask and be at least 50 pounds (23 kilograms) below the nearest ceiling.

The highest level of altitude is the one that corresponds to the person being tested.

Anyone under the age of 19 can be tested, but the state requires a waiver for any adult.

Anyone over the age 19 is not allowed to lift more than 250 pounds (120 kilograms).

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