Posted January 05, 2018 03:29:54The 7 Eleven stores in Texas, Arizona, Utah, Utah and Colorado have all reopened following their initial closure due to flooding.

The company said in a statement on Thursday that its stores in the United States and Canada will be open in a limited fashion for customers and staff until further notice.

“This is the result of extensive testing and planning that involved more than 1,000 people in the process,” the statement said.

The stores were all closed on Wednesday due to the storms, which flooded and damaged the country’s largest commercial airport. 

7 Eleven, the second-largest retailer in the country, is a subsidiary of Saks Fifth Avenue, the fourth-largest in the world, and the parent company of Gap Inc.

Saks, in an interview with CNBC last month, said that the company had “been planning and executing our plan for the last five years”.

The 711 store in Las Vegas reopened on Wednesday, and its location in Fort Worth, Texas, was set to be the first store in the US to reopen, after an evacuation order was lifted on Wednesday.

“Our first two stores are going to be back open as soon as possible,” the company said.

“Our next two stores will be opened by mid-January.”7 Eleven said that it would “be a couple of weeks” before all of its stores reopened.