Posted October 24, 2018 07:01:56As the season of the Disney movie “Frozen” continues to wind down, it looks like the show’s creators are finally bringing the magic of the Frozen movie to a larger audience.

The Walt Disney Company announced today that the Frozen series finale will air on ABC on Saturday, October 27.

The announcement comes in the wake of Disney CEO Bob Iger revealing on a conference call that the Walt Disney Studios is “getting into the act” of bringing the “Frost” movie to TV screens.

This news comes just days after Disney CEO Robert Iger revealed that the company is “actively looking at TV” and is “excited” about the potential for the Frozen movies to be brought to TV.

It is a great day for our fans, including those of the ‘Frost’ franchise, who will now get a glimpse of their favorite characters once again on ABC, when “Frodo, Anna, and Kristoff will be seen again for the first time in a Frozen-themed finale,” said Disney Television Group President Tom Sherak in a statement.

As previously reported, the Walt and ABC Studios announced in November that the show would be “retired” for “restoration.”

But as of October 27, the show will return for a season 3 finale, titled “The Return.”