Dublin-based writer and producer of the popular TV show Uber Elevate, Sam Macgregor, is back in the spotlight for his new documentary series Uber Elite.

The series, which is set to be released on the HBO website, is the latest addition to the acclaimed Macgregors catalogue of documentaries.

Macgregar’s previous project was The Rise of the Urban Elite in 2017.

In the new series, Macgregorders focus is on how the world of high-end luxury has evolved from the 1960s to the present day.

The series will also feature interviews with celebrities and influential figures, as well as some of the top talent working in the world’s top cities.

Macgregor has spent the past decade filming his series in the United States and the United Kingdom.

He recently returned to Dublin to shoot the series and was speaking at a panel discussion at the Irish Cinema Festival.

Speaking about the new documentary, MacGregor said he was very excited to be able to work on a series like this.

“I have worked on a lot of documentaries in the past but this was the first I have worked in Ireland for a long time and I’m so happy to be back working with the crew,” he said.

The Rise of Elites’ first episode was shot in October 2018.

Dublin’s City and State director, Michael McKeown, will present the first episode on the Dublin City Council’s website.

In an exclusive interview with RTÉ’s Liveline, Macbie said the show is about how luxury is evolving from a time when it was viewed as luxury, to today.

He said he wants the audience to understand how different things are today compared to the 1960-70s when he began working.

“In those days, people had no cars, so they could walk to the cinema and the bars,” Macgregorie said.

“There were so many options available and they were so comfortable that they could be a little bit out of touch with their surroundings.”

Today, we live in a different world, we’re more social and we’re so connected to the people around us.

“We live in cities all over the world and the more we get connected, the more expensive it is.”

Macgregorie added that he felt that people have become increasingly disconnected from their surroundings, as people no longer live in their homes, and have become dependent on technology.

“This is what we’re seeing now, the car is a big part of our lives,” he explained.

“It’s really changing the way we live.”

MacGregorie also expressed a desire to create a documentary series that will be “tough, honest, and smart”.

“I think we are heading into a moment where you have this massive change that is taking place in the way people are looking at themselves and what they’re buying, what they do and what’s going on in their lives,” MacGregorie said, adding that he believes people are becoming increasingly isolated from each other.

“The idea of having a documentary about how a lot more people are living in the same place and living the same way, and it’s really happening in cities, is very different to what it was before.”