We were on Everest at the time, but we were in the midst of a global pandemic, and we weren’t quite sure how to approach this huge climb.

We were already in danger of dying of exposure and we were all in need of some extra clothes and water.

We took a short break and got a little rest.

A few hours later, we were back up on the mountain.

We weren’t the only ones to get some extra supplies: The expedition leader, a Chinese climber, was down in Kathmandu too.

After a day of climbing and planning, we got up on top of the mountain and climbed down the face.

We stayed on the summit for a total of about two hours, during which time the sun was shining.

There was a big waterfall, a small waterfall, and a huge mountain of rocks.

We also climbed to the bottom of the cliff.

We came across a couple of Nepalese tents and were welcomed by a Nepalesean guide named Wanda.

She was our only guide on the expedition.

We then headed back down the mountain to the base camp, where we stayed for two nights before heading out for the second day.

On the way back, Wanda brought us our first food of the expedition, a bowl of soup.

It tasted delicious.

We soon got some rest and ate our meals again.

When the sun finally went down, we could see that the sun had finally gone down.

We could see our guide and Wanda were enjoying the sunset and were going to get back up again.

We thought that we’d never get back down to base camp again.

But when we got to base camps, the sun started going down again.

The sun came out again, and it was already quite dark when we finally reached the campsite.

The guide brought us some food and water and told us to get out of the camp and go to the river, which is a little further away.

We did so, but our guide didn’t have any water and our guide couldn’t see us.

So we all stayed in the camp.

But after about 20 minutes of wandering around the camp, we noticed something strange: There was something sticking out of a tree on the other side of the river.

We all quickly walked up to the tree and saw what was up there: A giant spider!

After we saw it, we all went down and we climbed back up.

The next morning we all set out again for the summit, which was actually just a few meters away.

And then we all woke up and found ourselves up there, but the spiders weren’t all up yet.

It was the first time we had seen a giant spider on Everest.

And when we saw the spider we were just so excited!

But when the spiders started to move, we didn’t get as excited anymore.

They just kept moving and kept on moving.

So eventually, they stopped moving.

We kept on running and just kept on keeping on running.

The spider kept moving so we had to go down to the valley and wait for the sun to go out.

We decided to go and try to find the other guide who had been with us before and see if he was still alive.

We had the same guide who was with us on the first day, and he didn’t make it back to base because he was injured on the way.

We eventually came across his body and we all dug up his body, including his shoes.

But it was not just his shoes, because we found a piece of his body that had been wrapped in a sheet.

We dug up this piece of a body and it just had a big spider on it.

And it looked like a giant tarantula.

So that was the last piece of the body that we found.

So after we dug it up, we went to the top of Mount Everest.

The last thing we saw before we climbed down was this huge spider.

It had taken our lives in its grasp and now we were on the top.

We didn’t know what to do.

We knew that if we did anything, it would get us killed.

But what we didn´t know is that we had this spider hanging over our head, so we were worried that if anyone saw us, they would kill us too.

But we were happy that we survived.

We saw the spiders again a few days later, and now they were just coming up to us, and they were also coming up and trying to get a bite. We couldn´t believe that we got one of them.

So when the guide was finally killed, it was the second time in our lives that a guide had been killed on the mountains.

We now knew that this spider was a major threat, and the more we kept on climbing, the more spiders we would see.

We wanted to find another guide to take us on a new expedition.

In this photo taken by the Sherpa guides, you can see the spider on a branch