The Elevate Church Live is a short documentary about the Elevation Bible Church.

It premiered on October 9, 2018 on ElevateTV.

The Elevater Church, located in North Hollywood, CA, is a religious organization founded in 1873.

It was originally founded as a church for white evangelical Protestants, but since the late 1960s has been a congregation for members of various religions.

The church has more than 3,300 members, and the congregation is the largest in the Southern California region, with a membership of more than 12,000.

It has been called the “First Baptist Church” and is home to over 3,100 worshipers.

Elevate Bible Church was founded in California in 1877.

In 2017, Elevate became a non-profit church by the California Secretary of State.

The organization is currently located in a small room on the roof of the Church building, with an outdoor area for worship.

The film is narrated by former church member David Givens.

The director of the film, Adam Givins, says, “I’m just very fortunate to be able to work with David on this film.

He’s a true legend in his own right.

He has a very strong Christian faith that he carries through his entire life.”

The Elevating Church has been known for its extensive collection of historic artifacts.

The collection includes items from churches across the country, including the church that became the first congregation in the U.S. to hold services in the Bible.

In addition to the original church building, the Elevate collection includes artifacts dating back to the 17th century, including two caskets and a coffin.

The group also includes other historic buildings in the area, including an old fire house and a wooden carriage house.

The movie focuses on the early years of the church, which dates from 1872 until 1905.

The first sermon was delivered in June 1873, and many of the early members were members of the Methodist Church, which was founded by a preacher named James C. Parker.

Parker is also credited with creating the first Sunday school, and for being the first person to use the word “evangelical.”

The church is known for being a place where many members prayed, and a place of learning, and of course, a place to hold worship services.

The history of the Elevated Bible Church is still an important part of its legacy.

The building, which had been the home of the original Elevation congregation, was destroyed in an arson attack in the 1970s.

The remaining members, who are still active members, moved to a new church, and it is currently being renovated.

The renovation project is part of a larger effort to preserve and restore the church.

The team behind the renovation are planning to have it restored as a community center and home for the local community.

Elevated is currently seeking the support of the Los Angeles County Historic Preservation Office and the Los Angelenos for Historic Preservation Commission to continue the work on the project.

The project is expected to take about 10 months to complete.

Elevation has also been receiving donations since it was started, including several items from the United States government.

In January 2018, the Los Angles Public Library purchased an original copy of the 1873 Elevation book, The Elevated Gospel, to be digitized and preserved in the library.

The library hopes to eventually use it as a digital resource for other library patrons to study the book.

The Los Angeles City Council is also looking to digitize and preserve the Elevator Gospel for future generations.

A donation of $25,000 will be used for the preservation and preservation of the book, which is also available on the church’s website.