The Elevator industry is in the middle of a surge in rates in Arizona, and the issue is being compounded by a record high elevation of the San Miguel Valley.

Fox News has the story.

The San Miguel Elevator company says it’s experiencing an increased surge in customer demand due to the elevators height and high rate of occupancy.

“We’re experiencing a surge of demand for our elevators, and we’re seeing that in our San Miguel business,” company spokesperson Michelle Gagnon said.

Gagnons company has seen a surge for its San Miguel elevators as well, which is due to high demand for its high capacity model.

She says it was because of the increased demand that she saw a surge at some of the company’s more than 20 elevators.

“Our customers are just wanting to go out and have fun,” Gagnont said.

“They’re wanting to have a drink and they’re not really trying to be a professional in any way.”

She says the company is looking at other ways to handle the surge, including adding extra capacity, as well as changing its elevators’ operating schedule.

Elevator companies have reported record demand for their new model, the S3, and it’s expected to be the first high-capacity model to go on sale.

“The customer response to our new S3 elevators has been fantastic,” Gignon said in a statement.

She said she expects to see similar demand in the coming months for the S5, which has the capacity to accommodate two people at once.