New construction permits are now in the pipeline for five additional high-altitude resorts on the Nevada side of the Colorado River.

The new resorts will add to the three existing high-salt, high-heat resorts already on the Las Vegas Strip and in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The new resorts are expected to open in 2019 and 2019-20.

“It is always great to be able to see our clients again, and we know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our guests,” said Tom Stump, CEO of Tourism Nevada, which manages the new resorts.

“This project will bring us back to the Nevada high desert and provide an unparalleled experience for our clients.”

Las Vegas-based Tourism Nevada has partnered with the state Department of Transportation to develop the new projects, which will include more than 2,000 residential units and 2,200 hotel rooms.

The development, which is expected to cost an estimated $1 billion, is expected be completed by the end of 2019.

The project will create about 7,000 jobs and generate about $8.5 billion in economic activity in the state, according to Tourism Nevada.