The White House on Tuesday signed a bill expanding the use of drones, including new powers for the U.S. to conduct targeted killings of suspected terrorists abroad.

The legislation also expands the legal authority of the CIA to use lethal force against suspected terrorists in the U,K., Australia, Canada and Europe.

The bill will be introduced in the Senate on Wednesday and the House on Thursday.

It also expands drone surveillance and the authority of drones to kill terrorists overseas.

Under the bill, the CIA is authorized to use drones for surveillance, killing and capturing suspects overseas without a trial or a jury.

The CIA will also be allowed to kill suspected terrorists who are considered threats, provided they have “imminent imminent” harm to the United States or the world.

“The new authority allows the U .

S. government to target foreign nationals for assassination at home and abroad, including at home without a judge or jury, without due process or accountability,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.

“This is a critical step in our efforts to bring to justice those who threaten the safety of the American people, and it will help strengthen our defenses against terrorist threats in the future.”

The bill also expands surveillance powers to the U of A, with the agency now allowed to collect information about students at U. of A. universities, the Associated Press reported.

“As the president said when he signed the bill into law, this law is about protecting the security of the nation and protecting American lives,” Earnest told reporters.

“We will continue to work with the administration on this important legislation.”

The legislation has not yet been voted on by the House or Senate, and its passage would require Senate approval.

In the meantime, the bill expands drone use by the CIA and the use by other countries.

“Drones are a critical tool for law enforcement, intelligence and counterterrorism,” Earnst said in the statement.