New York apartment owners have launched an anti-Trump “burden” campaign against President Donald Trump, with one group accusing him of “furthering the degradation of the American dream” and of “destroying families.”

The New York City Anti-Trump Coalition is urging its members to “join the resistance” and “fight back against the president’s destructive agenda.”

In a video posted to Facebook, the group, which is based in New York, called Trump “a threat to the American Dream” and said he is “destabilizing the American landscape.”

In the video, one man says Trump is “unfit to lead” the country and that his policies are “totally un-American.”

He also says Trump “is the biggest danger to the country’s future” and that he is undermining “American values.”

Trump “has the power to end the lives of thousands of people across the country, and he is not taking any of that power,” the man says.

The Anti-Donald Trump Coalition’s founder, David Siegel, told The Associated Press that the group will be launching a new website,, “so we can all get our voices out there.”

“If the president is the one who is trying to destroy our lives, the next president will be the one trying to end our lives,” Siegel said.

The group’s website is currently down, and Siegel told the AP that he hopes the Trump administration “can’t be held responsible for the lives that are being destroyed.”

“This president has gone on a rampage against the rights of women, immigrants, people of color, people with disabilities, and so many other Americans,” Sauer said.

“His agenda is completely un- American.”

A similar campaign launched in 2016 by New York-based activist group, the Coalition for the Dignity of Immigrant Workers, has garnered more than 100,000 signatures and is expected to launch a new site in mid-March.

It will include an online petition calling on the Trump Administration to remove Trump from office.

The coalition is not alone.

A petition calling for Trump’s removal from office has garnered nearly 200,000 “signatures” and counting.

Siegel’s group hopes to get around 300,000 signatories, he said.

Sauer added that he expects the Trump White House will eventually respond to the petition, “but for now we need your support.”

“We need people like you who want to fight for us to have our voices heard and we need you to keep your voices out of the government,” he said in the video.

Siegle added that his group’s aim is to “change the tone of our conversation,” and that they hope to eventually launch a pro-Trump Facebook page.