The linkin elevators in the White House are supposedly for the President, not for the Commander-in-Chief.

The link in elevators at the White Houses of the previous two presidents have caused some embarrassment for President Trump.

Now, he’s having to explain to the American people why his office has an elevated toilet in the Oval Office.

The story, first reported by The New York Times, says that in February of this year, President Trump and then-First Lady Melania Trump installed a new, elevated toilet.

“There was a real problem with that toilet, and we did a quick check of the building,” said a senior White House official in February.

The official said the problem was not with the toilet, but with the water pressure and the seal.

The source of the problem?

The seal on the toilet.

It is a seal that President Trump has used to seal the White houses water tanks.

According to a letter from the White Senate, President Bush signed the water system into law in 1999.

The letter also said that during the Obama administration, water pressure was checked twice daily and the water was tested every day for leaks and leaks-to-proof.

However, the letter said, water testing is no longer done for the current administration.

A spokesperson for the Office of Government Ethics, which is responsible for enforcing ethics rules on federal employees, told Politico that the seal is no more than 20 years old and that it is a non-standard seal that was put in place because it is used by other offices.

A source told Politico the seal was not an official seal and it was not a replacement for the one President Trump used when he first took office.