Kanye West is currently working on his second album.

The rapper is currently promoting his debut album, The Life of Pablo, and has recently been promoting it in New York City, but the Elevators’ music is what really got him going back in the day.

West told the crowd that the first time he saw an elevator, he “knew I wanted to do something with it.”

The rapper has always been a big fan of elevators, and he has been a proponent of the technology.

“I’ve always wanted to be a rapper,” West told his crowd.

“It was something I always wanted.

I was always trying to do the right thing.”

As a kid, West loved to ride elevators.

“We got the elevators in my house, we were like, ‘We gotta do this.’

We could barely even afford to buy them,” West said.

“The first time I went to the mall with a bicycle, I wanted one of those, too.”

West and his brothers bought the elevator from the family business, the Elevator Company, in 1982, and it was a big deal to them.

The brothers would walk to their apartment in the Bronx and wait in line for two hours to get the elevator.

“You’d get a phone call at 7:30 in the morning, and they’d be like, oh, it’s your brothers, it’ll be your brothers for a while, but then you could hear your brother on the other end,” West recalled.

“So I’m like, ok, let’s get out of here, I got this.

I’m gonna go get this elevator.

So I’m in the elevator and I go, you know what?

I got it, I gotta get outta here.”

West had to spend the next hour riding up and down the escalator.

“When I got there, it was just like, you’re right, it is a great elevator,” he said.

It was an elevator that was so good it had a name.

West called it the Elevation Machine, and his brother took over the job of operating the elevator for a few years.

The Elevator was so popular that in 1984, West was given a five-year lease on the elevator, and when the elevator finally went into service in 1985, it took West and the brothers two years to finish building it.

The elevator was an instant success, and the elevator company would continue to use it until 1991.

The next year, West’s brother, Darryl, who had a different company to run, sold the elevator to a company called Gensler Elevators.

The company would later go on to be bought by another company called Elevation Systems, and in 1997, West and Darryls brother, Jay, founded Elevation System.

“A lot of the guys that were involved in Elevation started working for Elevation system,” West explained.

“And I would go to work for them because I was the only one in the business.”

In 2008, West launched Elevation Solutions, a startup that was a full-service elevator company that was designed specifically for West and Jay.

West and West’s company had a “one-stop-shop” for elevators for use in restaurants, malls, and airports.

“If a company had an elevator in New Jersey, we could bring it to New York,” West continued.

“What I would do is go to the airport, I’d be in the lobby, I could go to a restaurant, I was just so busy doing this that I couldn’t get my elevator to work.

So we had a kiosk, and I’d put the elevator in and get my phone number, and then I’d get my number, I would get the number, call them, I wouldn’t wait in the line, I called them, and we got the elevator going.”

West’s elevator company, Elevation, was a success, with customers using the service almost daily.

The first day the elevator was available in New Orleans, West took his elevator to the Mall of America and was greeted by a large crowd.

It quickly became a top five-star hotel elevator.

In 2009, West released The Life Of Pablo, which was the most-anticipated release of a Kanye West album since his debut, 2009’s Yeezus.

The Life was a critical success, but West’s new album was also a major commercial hit.

It topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for a second time, and Kanye West received critical acclaim.

The album was so successful that Kanye West, Kanye West released a sequel, The Graduation.

It hit number one on the Billboard 200 in October 2012.

West’s second album was even better.

In May 2013, West announced the release of his third album, Yeezys 3rd studio album, which would be released in early 2014.

The title track was the first single from the album, and West had already been working on a new project for a number of years