The Hubit at Google’s Mountain View campus was recently updated to support a new version of the app, bringing with it a new feature.

The new Hubit At Google app now includes a new section that lets users add a custom search term, a new button that allows users to share an image with the app’s user interface, and a new status bar icon that appears at the bottom of the Hubits screen.

The Hubits main navigation buttons are gone from the app as well, but users can still navigate through the app through the new search field.

Users can also share images via the new sharing tab, which allows users on the same device to view the image in the HubIT app, and share the link on Twitter or Facebook.

The Hubits new search box has also been redesigned to be more prominent, allowing users to add custom search terms, a more powerful search interface, a search engine bar, and more.

Users can now view the Hubites current search terms in the search bar, while the search engine tab also appears in the new hubit at

Users will be able to search the Hubitic at Google homepage, search for “hubit,” or type in a search term they would like to see added to the search results page.

Users also can share links to images with the new share tab, and users can view the hubit in the same search box that the search function is located in.

The new Hubits search function was first added to Hubits last version, which launched in May 2016.

Google is now rolling out the new Hubites version to users in the U.S.

A version of Hubits for Android and iOS has been released, but Google’s app remains unchanged.

Google has not shared a timeline on when users will be upgraded to the new version.