The first time you turn on the elevator, it’s a loud, electric rumble.

Then it’s silent.

It’s all quiet again.

Then the sound of a fan whirring as the elevator bolts come together.

But after you turn the elevator back on, the sound will return.

That’s because elevator bolts are made up of carbon-fiber strands, and they’re not very strong.

A quick scan of your home shows the bolts are only about six inches wide.

That means the bolts need to be at least twice as strong as the bolts that came before them.

In fact, they’re so weak that even when you turn a lever to move the bolts, they won’t move.

It may sound like a big deal, but the bolts can be easily ripped apart by a hammer or a carpenter’s saw.

When the bolts come apart, they are usually brittle and can snap off at any moment.

If the bolts don’t work, it takes a few weeks to repair the damage.

How to fix your elevator bolts 1.

Remove the bolts by drilling a hole in them with a drill bit.


Install new bolts.

Use the bolts from the drill to drill a hole through the bottom of the bolt.


Install a new bolt in the bolt hole.


Remove old bolts.

Using a screwdriver, gently pull out old bolts from inside the hole.


Apply a coat of electrical tape to the bolts.


Replace old bolts, with a new one.


Repeat steps 4-6 until all of the bolts work correctly.