Vizio is set to acquire Elevated, a news outlet that was recently acquired by Google.

The alt-left outlet was created by the former alt-protestor and Gamergate supporter James Allsup.

The acquisition will give Vizios alt-tech coverage, as well as the ability to monetize the platform through AdSense, a service that lets sites monetize traffic by offering advertising for them.

The company will also be able to leverage the alt-Right, a far-right movement of people who believe in white supremacy, to promote their own brand.

Alt-right outlets have been accused of promoting white supremacy and hate speech, and have been targeted by white supremacist groups, including the Traditionalist Workers Party.

Vizionos Alt-Right product team will be working with a former altrighter named James Allstsup, who worked on the alt right’s website, as part of its Alt-Left product team.

Visions of alt-rights are often described as the new Nazi Party, which has a website and Facebook page that features content about white supremacy.

Vazios Alt-left product team is headed by the ex-protester who founded the site.

He is known for his Twitter posts that promote hate, white nationalism, and conspiracy theories.

Alt right news site Vazio has a long history of buying alt-righters and their products.

The website acquired an outlet for a white nationalist site called Newsmax in 2017, and it also bought Breitbart News in 2017.

Virent Burchfield, the former head of the company’s digital news division, will join the new company.

He was an editor at The Daily Stormer, a site that featured neo-Nazi content, and is the author of “The Dangerous Art of White Nationalism,” a book on the subject.

Visnay Ghandi, the VP of Vizia Media, is responsible for Vizias alt-media coverage.

She will oversee Viziuos marketing and operations.

She is also a member of the executive team of The Alt-White Network, which was founded in 2015 to promote white nationalism and white supremacy online.

The Alt White Network promotes the white supremacist cause, and has promoted the alt righters’ efforts to promote and defend the alt white movement.

Alt Right News was founded by Richard Spencer, a white supremacist, and James Allspice, an alt right activist.

The site was shut down after a fire that was sparked by an argument with a neo-nazi.

Vias alt right news team is staffed by people who worked for Breitbart News and other alt right sites.

Vos Alt Right news team will focus on Alt Right content.

Vio has been criticized for its coverage of alt right groups, like the National Policy Institute and the National Vanguard.

The news outlets coverage has been critical of the alt left, and in 2017 reported that “most of the content on is not only offensive, but actually harmful to the alt lite movement, including their attempts to discredit each other, and the alt frat house.”

The Viacom acquisition of Visns alt-lite news network was criticized by several members of the white nationalist community, who said that it was a “major step backwards.”

The news site’s founder and CEO, Steve Bannon, was ousted from the company last month.

Viacus’ purchase of Visions Of Alt Right will give alt-center media outlets access to Visnias Alt-rright platform, as they have access to Google’s AdSense program.

Vides Alt-center news site, Vix, has been shut down, according to a report in The Hill.

The platform’s owner, Steve Guttenberg, is an alt left activist.

Alt center news outlet, AltCenter, is a news website run by the Alt Right.

It is run by David Futrelle, who is a writer for the white separatist Daily Stormers, as he was the author and editor of “Alt Right: The Daily Shoah” and has written several articles for the website.

Alt Center News, as the site is known, has a strong presence on Twitter.

The publication, which is based in Virginia, was heavily critical of President Donald Trump.

AltCenter’s content has featured a variety of racist, sexist, and homophobic slurs.

The content of the site was removed from the site in March 2017, after it received a copyright claim from the altright news site The Daily Caller.