On a recent morning, the mountain peak of St. Andrew rises high above the valley below.

The route up is the steepest of any hike in the valley.

But it’s not an easy climb.

The trail climbs up about 600 metres, and the last two hundred metres are slippery and muddy.

There’s a long, narrow, rocky ridge leading to a ridge that dips down to a lower point.

“The trail is slippery, slippery and mud,” said David Stelmach, a climber who has climbed St. Andrews several times.

“I’ve been there five times, it’s a real steep climb.”

Stelmsach and others say the route to the summit is not safe, and many have reported problems with the route.

They point out that the trail is not paved, and they’ve reported that it’s hard to get a good footing on steep rocks and loose soil.

It’s a hike that can be dangerous for everyone, said Stelmesach, who is also a mountain guide.

“If you’re up there with no gear and no water, you can get really hot and cold,” he said.

But the trail offers a good view of the mountain, and there are other views along the way.

“You get the feeling that there’s something amazing out there,” Stelmeach said.

“It’s a beautiful place, and it’s always been beautiful.”

The trail follows a ridge to the edge of a small valley.

It begins at a steep, rocky corner, climbs through a long patch of low ground and finally drops down to the valley floor.

A couple of hours later, the trail turns around and heads back up.

There is another small ridge, this time about 300 metres long and 30 metres wide.

It starts on a rocky outcropping, then follows a short path to the ridge that leads to the trailhead.

It follows the ridge for another few hundred metres before it turns to the right and heads towards the valley edge.

There are three small campsites along the route, including one that has been set up in a low-lying rock formation.

At the top is a sign that says, “Camping at St. Alexandra.”

The next camp site is just a short walk away.

The camp site has two tents, a stove, a barbecue and a table for a group of five.

Stelmo is on the second camp site.

He’s also on the trail that leads down to St. Michael, a small ridge that rises about 200 metres from the summit.

There, Stelma and his team have set up a tent.

“This one is the best,” said Steli, who also has an RV with a generator and an electricity generator.

“We get a great view of St-Michael, which is great.

A few metres further up the trail, a trail signs read, “Hikers, please leave at your own risk.” “

But it’s also great to see the valley, because the valley is all over the place, all over.”

A few metres further up the trail, a trail signs read, “Hikers, please leave at your own risk.”

The area around the St. Alexia Trail is in bad shape.

A recent report by the Canadian Mountain Rescue Agency said the trail was at risk of erosion and could be unsafe to hike.

A report in the Calgary Herald said there are no signs that indicate the trail’s route has been tested and was safe.

A 2010 report by Parks Canada found that St. Alexanderia Trail was in poor condition, with a significant section that was not marked or marked for the purposes of the trail.

The St. Matthews Trail, another popular hike in St. Marys Valley, has been in good shape for years.

But a report in The Calgary Herald in 2008 said the area was unsafe and that the road could be hazardous to the health of hikers and cyclists.

The report found the road to the St Andrews Trail was not maintained and that it was not safe to use.

The road to St-Matthews Trail was closed in 2010 and is now open to hikers.

In 2014, the Stelmashes decided to start a new, safer trail, but the Alberta Government stopped them.

A 2011 report by Environment Canada found the St-Alexia Trail and St-Maurice Trail had high levels of erosion, and that they were not marked properly.

“Trails are a crucial part of a sustainable tourism destination,” said Environment Minister Mike Morris in a statement at the time.

“When it comes to safe and reliable routes, they must remain open and accessible to all.”

Morris did not respond to requests for comment.

Steli has also started a new hike in his family’s backyard, the nearby St. George Mountain Trail.

It is called St-Georges Trail, and has been open since last year.

He is taking part in a group that has climbed the St Gergis, one of the highest mountains in the province. “As long