Phoenix’s top nightclubs are now boasting exclusive, one-on-one deals.

A new exclusive one-off deal at The Club and The Garden will set you back $50,000.

This one-night-only deal is the latest in a series of special offers for those lucky enough to book a table.

These include:An exclusive one day exclusive one on one night exclusive one night special for $100,000An exclusive two day exclusive two days exclusive one days exclusive two nights exclusive one nights exclusive two datesA night at a Phoenix landmark for $40,000A night out at a major venue for $20,000The Club and Garden will have the best one-day-only deals of the year, offering exclusive table prices for the first time in the city.

This is just the latest example of Phoenix’s burgeoning dining scene.

The city has recently been a major destination for tourists, offering the best food, entertainment and nightlife in Australia.

Phoenix has a thriving restaurant scene, boasting more than 50 restaurants.

There are also a number of independent cafes and bars.

You can read more about how to book your table for the best Phoenix dining experience at our Phoenix dining guide.

More:If you’re looking to book an exclusive table at a club, look no further.

Phoenix’s clubs and bars have a unique, one on-site experience.

The best way to book is through the Phoenix Restaurant and Bar Finder.