The following is a guide to getting an email on Elevations when you log in, and how to reply to it.

This guide will help you get an Elevation email.

This is important because an Elevates email is not sent out directly to your email inbox.

Instead, it is sent directly to the user who opened your account.

The email is sent with the subject line, and the message is a link to an Elevate landing page.

You will need to click on the link in order to receive an Elevated email.

The URL of this landing page is a simple, simple link to

If you have multiple Elevates accounts, you will need different URLs to send the emails to each of them.

To send an Elevator email, follow these steps: 1.

Click on the Elevate website link.


Enter your email address.


Enter the subject of the email.


Enter a subject line.


Enter an unsubscribe link.

You can use the link to confirm your unsubscribe.


Click the submit button.


The message will be sent to your inbox.


You should receive an email with an attachment, along with a link where you can download the email and follow the instructions.

If the email is from an Elevating user, you should receive the email from the Elevates account.

If it is not from an elevating user and it does not come from a user account, you may need to contact the Elevation customer support team.

If your Elevation account is not connected to the Elevations site, you can try logging in again.

Note: Elevates sends emails from your email account, so you will only receive an elevator email when someone else logs in to your account from your account, or when you send an email to the address associated with your account with your email provider.

If someone else is sending you an email from an account you do not own, you are not actually sending the email to that address.

If a person else is also sending you email from your Elevates site, that person is also receiving emails from that account.

If you do receive an elevate email, you need to reply.

Follow these steps to reply: 1) Click on Reply button on the email you received.

The message you receive is a confirmation that you have received an Elevately email.

If an Elevater email is coming from your web browser, you might see an error message like the following: Elevates has sent an email.

Please click on “Confirm” button to verify your email.

2) You will receive a confirmation email from Elevates with the attachment.

Close the attachment and click on Reply to Reply button.

You are now ready to reply, and will be redirected to the email address associated to your Elevated account.

Click Reply to Confirm button to confirm that you want to reply and to receive your response.

You can now send an elevator to your friends and family.

To receive an answer, follow the steps below: 1 ) Go to your profile page.

2 ) Click on your Elevate profile link.

3) Click the Confirm Email link at the bottom of the page.

4) Enter your Elevator message and your Elevating email address to confirm.

Confirm Email Response from Elevate 4) If you receive an E-mail response, you have successfully sent an elevator message to someone from Elevations.

To see the response from Elevation, click on their profile page again.

5) Follow the instructions provided to you in the email sent.

In the event that you received an E.mail response and do not reply, please check your spam folder and verify that you are the sender of the E-Mail.