London has had its fair share of elevator woes, but the one that has made its home the capital is one that is still not finished.

While many people are now looking to take advantage of London’s elevators, some people aren’t taking the same precautions.

In fact, some have reported seeing elevator accidents in the city’s subway system.

One of those who have reported a crash in London is a young man who has taken to Instagram to share his experience with Londoners.

The man posted a video in which he describes the crash and the resulting fear that ensued, which has now gone viral.

“I’m in a London tube car, and I see an elderly woman who looks like she’s about 50.

The woman is screaming, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t hear you!'” he said in the video.

“I looked at her, and it’s like, she’s really scared.

She’s not a normal person.

She looks like a zombie.”

He also wrote that it took him almost three minutes to get to the nearest hospital.

He said that the woman was also injured in the accident and is in hospital with a fractured pelvis.

He added that the person who was injured, a man, was not injured.

London has had a number of elevators fail in recent months.

In January, an elevator in the subway system collapsed after it crashed into the platform.

A few days later, another elevator in that same line collapsed during a training exercise.

The incident was not the first time an elevator has crashed in London.

In September, a train was carrying passengers to the airport when it crashed in the station.

In February, an air ambulance had to abort an attempt to treat a man who suffered a heart attack.