The oldest child of a wealthy family in Peru is in critical condition after falling on the stairs.

He has reportedly fallen off his brother’s balcony, causing serious injuries.

His family reportedly suffered major injuries and his mother and two siblings have also been hospitalized.

Ezequell Perez, a 10-year-old boy, fell off a balcony and suffered a serious injury on Sunday, the mayor of Calama, in Peru’s north-eastern province of Huancavelica, told reporters.

He was rushed to a hospital where he is currently in critical care, Mayor Jorge Lomeli said.

“He is in the intensive care unit,” Lomela added.

The mayor added that Ezequel Perez is the eldest child of the family, whose fortune is estimated at up to US$1.5 billion.

The family owns an estate worth about US$600 million, according to local media.

EZEQUEL PEREZ’S WIFE REPORTS HE’S BEING ABLE TO MAKE A CALL Source Bleacher Reporter article Ezequel Perez, 10, has reportedly died after falling from a balcony in Peru.

The youngest of three children, Ezequer has been hospitalized in serious condition after sustaining a serious head injury.

He suffered a fractured skull and fractures of his vertebrae.

“It is unclear whether he fell off the balcony or from falling on a couch,” Llameli said on Sunday.

The father of three said he and his wife were unable to reach him for a few hours due to a technical problem.

“They don’t have the money for the phone to call someone to bring me help,” he said.

The two siblings of the mother of Ezeoquiel Perez have also received serious injuries and are in the hospital, Lomel added.

“We have sent several people to the hospital.

A source told La Nación newspaper that Ezoquiel was the eldest of the two children of the Perez family. “

The boy’s parents are in serious, serious condition,” he added.

A source told La Nación newspaper that Ezoquiel was the eldest of the two children of the Perez family.

According to the source, the elder child has had a long history of health problems.

“She was an alcoholic and also an alcoholic’s daughter,” the source said.

Ezer Perez, the eldest brother, is currently being treated for his injuries.

Ezoquer Perez is reportedly the son of the former President Luis Perez.

The younger brother, Ezer, is the brother of former President Ricardo Lagos and has also been a leader in the political party, the Democratic Action Party.