The eleven pizzas are the latest to be pulled from the pizza chain’s shelves after a study found that some are not even safe to eat.

The study was conducted by a team at the University of Maryland, who examined a group of 12 products, including a pizza, an ice cream cone, a salad and a slice of cheese.

The scientists found that the products were all significantly more dangerous than other products and more likely to cause serious injury or death, according to the New York Times.

While some of the products have been recalled, a spokesman for the company said the products would remain in stores.

The company did not immediately respond to The Huffington Post’s request for comment.

The findings come just two weeks after a man in Florida was arrested and charged with allegedly threatening a pizza delivery driver who refused to deliver him the same day.

A video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube, showed a man shouting at the driver, calling him a “fucking coward,” before allegedly shooting him in the back of the head.

The driver, who has not been identified, is still recovering from his injuries.