The “Evo” franchise is back with a new episode of the first season, airing Monday on Netflix.

The episode will be available to stream on Monday, May 10, and the first episode will debut on HBO’s YouTube channel and HBO Go on Monday.

The episode is based on the 2013 anime-themed comedy “Evolu,” and features the voices of:Akihiko Kato as the titular character, who is a wheelchair-bound high school student and is tasked with taking care of his family and his home after the death of his father.

His older brother, a high school teacher, is also his guardian.

Yoshiki Yamazaki as his sister, who takes on the role of a high-school teacher.

The pair, who are both in their early twenties, work hard to support each other through their school lives.

Toshio Matsuoka as the school’s principal, and his younger brother, who also serves as a school principal.

Yuki Yoshida as his wife, and their three children, who live in the house.

Hiroshi Matsui as his boss, who’s a teacher who tries to help them through their day-to-day life.

Yosuke Sakamoto as his assistant, who works in a different part of the school.

Yuzuru Kurashima as his son, who attends the school and is also involved with the school, but is also trying to help his father through his job.

Rika Nishizawa as his daughter, who lives in the same neighborhood as her father, and is his student council president.

Tomokazu Sekiguchi as his classmate, who often helps him with his homework.

The second season of the series follows the exploits of high schooler Akira Sato, a former wrestler who has come to the United States to find work.

In the wake of the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Sato has decided to return to Japan, and in the process he encounters the recently returned Akira Saito.

He meets his new teacher, Akito, a teacher from his hometown who is also a student council President, who happens to be a woman.