Elevation’s sister company Elevation LifeChurch, which has closed its San Francisco church, will reopen with new names and a new mission statement, according to a statement.

Elevation is expected to begin its new mission this fall, according the statement, which was obtained by CNN.

Elevation Church had been the only Christian church in San Francisco, a largely immigrant city where most people were African American.

Its San Francisco headquarters closed in October 2018 after it was found to have mismanaged the finances of its $1 billion church.

The church’s owners said they would pay $300 million in legal costs, including $200 million to settle lawsuits against the church’s former pastor.

A former pastor who filed a lawsuit against the Church of the New Sun also settled a lawsuit brought by his former congregation against the former pastor and other church members, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The church has not been officially named yet, but the church statement said that “the new name and mission will serve to enhance Elevation as a community, and will serve as a positive role model for our congregation.”

The church’s new mission will include a new website, an app and a Facebook page, according a statement on the church website.

The San Francisco branch will continue to have a Facebook group called “The Elevation Bible School,” which has been active since 2015, and a website that offers online Bible classes.