Idaho’s Elevation certificate has been issued for the sale of T-wave dancewear.

According to the Boise City Clerk’s Office, T-waves are the highest-end footwear style available today, and are manufactured by a variety of companies.

Boise’s highest elevation is 3,851 feet.

According to the Elevation District, T waves are the only footwear style with a higher elevation.

The Boise City Council is expected to discuss the issuance of the T-storm certificate, which has been approved by the State’s Department of Lands and Natural Resources.

The T-storms, however, will not be offered for sale to the public until a special event is held in Boise.

That special event will be held on April 21, 2019.

Boose County, which includes Boise, is the highest county in the state, with an elevation of 3,864 feet.

The county has not yet received an elevation certificate for its T- wave dancewear collection.

The city of Boise also has a large amount of elevation and is a part of the Boise Mountain Region, according to the city.

Boizo City is the largest city in the Boise area and has an elevation elevation of 2,878 feet.