Elevating faith is about taking responsibility for your life, according to an atheist group.

Elevating the faith in the face of an illness that can be deadly for many, is something that’s important, says atheist organisation Elevated Faith, and it’s something the group hopes to encourage.

The group’s founder, John Parnell, said people had raised millions of dollars for the Ebola victims in West Africa and they wanted to use that money to raise awareness and raise money for the victims.

“There’s this kind of spiritual thing that we can get out of when we have this burden, so we can take it to the next level,” Mr Parnll said.

When asked about the importance of raising money for those affected, Mr Pignell said the group wanted to highlight how a religious faith had given them the strength to withstand the challenges of the Ebola outbreak.

He said it’s important to have a faith that has strength and resilience in the faces of adversity, and that is the case for the atheists and the freethinkers.

Mr Parnoll said there was also a need to raise money from other religious and non-religious groups.

If we can help, he said, it could bring the message of the faith more mainstream, which is a good thing.

Religious groups have been working with the World Health Organisation and other groups to provide aid to the affected countries and Mr Purnell said this was just the start of that.

I think the people who are suffering the most are the people from the non-belief community and those who are struggling to survive this, he added.

As an atheist, Mr Knebel said the main message was that the way we deal with our beliefs, as humans, is to work together to do the best that we possibly can, he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

It was a positive message and a positive thought for the Atheist Foundation.

In response to questions from the ABC, the organisation said it had raised $10 million from individuals and groups and was working with some international donors to deliver on its aims.

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