Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook is about to launch the company’s latest flagship product, the new iPhone, but it’s not the only device that he’ll unveil, according to two sources familiar with the plan.

The devices will be announced during a conference call to discuss the company and its products with investors, including hedge fund managers and technology companies.

It’s unclear if Cook will unveil a new device this year or if he will launch a second one.

Apple Inc., the world’s most valuable company, has already sold more than 20 million iPhones since the product launch in September 2014.

It’s the only tech company that can say it has shipped more than 50 million iPhones.

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, Apple launched a redesigned iPhone and refreshed its Apple Watch line.

Apple also introduced a range of smartwatches and accessories, including a $299 Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatch and a $199 Apple Watch Sport smartwatch.

The new iPhone will feature a 5.5-inch display and a 1080p screen.

“It is a big step forward,” Cook said at the unveiling.

“It is the most powerful phone I have ever designed and it is the first device with a curved OLED display.

This is the iPhone you’ve been waiting for.”

Cook also will unveil the new Apple Watch, which will feature an improved glass display.

He said the new device is “much more stylish than the last iteration” and will be more flexible, waterproof, and durable than previous models.

The company’s iPhone will be priced at $499, up from $399 this year, with a new contract starting this spring.

The new model will be available in a range from $599 to $799.

The most popular models will also include a 16GB model and the 64GB model, which is the new “Gold” model, with up to 128GB storage.